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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Syriana Review

Syriana was one of best works of political drama/fiction I have ever seen on the big screen. And unlike Michael Moore's sensational skewed documentaries, this movie actually puts forth a compelling case as to why American involvement in the Middle East is so costly to both our nation and that region of the world.

The movie starts with George Clooney, the CIA point man in Tehran selling weapons to a young man who is indulging a female friend. It turns out that Clooney has knowingly sold weapons to a instructor at a school which teaches radical Islam and trains suicide bombers. We learn later in the movie that the schools prey upon displaced Pakistani and Indian workers in the oil fields who lose their jobs but want to stay in the Gulf. These former workers become easy prey for the Islamists and are trained as suicide bombers. The Americans and the CIA in the mean time believe Iran can be friendly and work as hard as they can to protect oil interests in the Gulf. That means approving a merger between two oil giants despite the obvious violations of anti-trust law and stamping out any and all reform movements for political freedom and democracy in the gulf, since political freedom will mean competitive bidding on petroleum related resources. I'm not going to give away more of the plot, but Syriana is a must watch for those interested in the failed American policy in the gulf and how we got to this point.


The Patriot said...

You and your leftist budies should move to France or Germany if you believe this left wing nonsense. George Clooney is nothing more than a B rate actor who has tried to pick up a failing acting career by advocating extreme political causes, such as this and his horrible attacks on Joe McCarthy in the other movie out right now.

The road to hell is paved with traitors and leftists I always say. Next Clooney will be making movie praising Fidel and Hugo Chavez. Just wait and see.

Jeb in 2008 said...

What a garbage movie it surely is. Pure Fiction.

Anonymous said...

Tail-Gunner Joe Strikes Again

I haven't seen "Good Night and Good Luck" and thank God. They beat up on poor little Joe McCarthy.

Don't these silly liberals know that McCarthy was simply fulfilling his patriotic duty. His love for his country required his selfless attacks alleged communists. He had to keep the country safe, after all. So a few hundred members of the media and entertainment elite had their careers ruined. Big deal.

Surely, they knew they were sacrificing for the greater good. The greater good, of course, could not afford such elitist luxuries as freedom of assembly and speech. And it would not tolerate ivy-towered liberal ideas like the truth.

Go ahead George Clooney and beat up on patriots like Joe McCarthy. Soon, Rupert Murdoch will own your studio too. Then will see who the real Americans are.

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