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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A masterpiece of Political Realism

George Clooney should replace Michael Moore as a liberal icon

Syriana, which I saw last night is the best political documentary/movie that I have seen in years. Certainly the best since Fog of War, and possibly the best since Ken Burns Civil War. I'll have a full reviw up on the site really soon.


Anonymous said...


Just a tip... and you do this on the Fla College Sports site, too... don't tease readers with things coming in a couple of days. Readers are at your blog now... you're not a TV station that has to keep viewers tuned in. Please, no more teases... when you're ready to publish something, just do it.

The Patriot said...

This movie is a total fraud and should be banned for its excesive anti americanism and fictional content.

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