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Friday, December 16, 2005

DeLay "Innocent," says Bush

President Bush has expressed his opinion of the indictment of Former Majority Leader Tom "the Hammer" DeLay in a Texas court for money laundering and campaign finance violations. The President in an interview on the Fox News Channel (where else?) has declared that he believes DeLay is innocent and that the charges should be dropped. Considering the same President and White House have gone to great lengths to not comment on the investigation in the CIA Leak case, why is it that the President owes more loyalty to and is willing to in a public fashion tamper with a jury for Tom DeLay but not for Scooter Libby or possibly even Karl Rove? Could it be that beyond the DeLay and Abramoff scandals lies a whole culture of campaign finance corruption employed by the RNC and Bush/Cheney Campaigns? Could a DeLay conviction lead to a falling row of dominos that leads right to the RNC and White House? Quite possibly that is why Bush is so concerned about protecting DeLay.

1 comment:

The Patriot said...

DeLay is innocent. He has been framed by the liberal prosecutor in Austin who is trying to do what the Democrts can't do in a fair election.

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