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Monday, December 19, 2005

"Victory with Honor"

President Bush had perhaps the shining moment of his Presidency last night, according to the national media. In his Oval Office address, the President showed humility and flexibility about the Iraq war mission. The President also laid out for the American people what he believes is at stake in Iraq. The President also reached out to his critics, which for this administration was a landmark moment. While the speech delivery was outstanding and the rhetoric lofty, the reality on the ground in Iraq and in the Middle East does not reconcile with the President’s delusional optimism. The United States, in forcing Democracy on the manufactured nation of Iraq is in fact undermining American security interests in the region as we have stated previously on this website. Moreover, the causality rates for American servicemen will not go down until American troops withdraw. As was the case in the Balkans prior World War I, foreign interference created a powder keg that has exploded. In Former President Richard Nixon’s book, “No More Vietnam’s” a case is made that America should never again get involved in a civil war where nationalism and ethnic strife is evident.  Yet, both President Clinton is Kosovo and President Bush in Iraq ignored this valuable advice. The difference between the two wars however, was that in Kosovo, the United States acted as part of a coalition with all of the major European powers to solve a problem in a region where World War I began. Moreover, Slobodan Milosevic was one of the most tyrannical dictators of the 20th Century, and the US did not take a serious number of causalities in the war due to excellent war planning and execution. Unlike the well executed war in Kosovo, the Bush led war in Iraq, not only ignored the advice of our strategic partners in Europe, but involved American ground troops, perhaps in their most vulnerable position since Korea.

Despite the nice presentation and excellent stagecraft, last night the President failed to address the overriding mission in Iraq and how it affects America’s position in the geopolitical arena. While the President conceded some ground to his critics in his speech, one can only guess that attack dogs Dick Cheney and Bill Frist will be out attacking war opponents once again as anti-American and pro-terrorist. It is the responsibility of this President to reign in his attack dogs if he wants yesterday’s speech to mark a new beginning in discourse and not just another blip on the radar screen in a failed war effort.


The Patriot said...

You and your liberal friends ought to move to and embrace France. Check out my new blog, which will correct the record of this and other left wing pages like this.

Anonymous said...

Kartik, you are full of shit. If you want to stimulate terrorism in Iraq by withdrawing and promoting defeatism, then if a terrorist strikes you here at home, don't look for sympathy for your family from the public at large.

Mark said...

The GOP posts are ridiculous. Do you guys know anything about strength in the face of danger? You guys are as limp-wristed as Charlie Crist - a bunch of pinkies.

Let's not forget that it was the Bush administration that allowed 9-11 to happen. Clinton prevented the terrorist attacks during Y2K, but in 2001 Bush was asleep at the wheel and gave bin Laden an opportunity.

Now the Bushies are flip-flopping on the issue of Iraq. First, Bush says that he needs the Patriot Act to protect America. Then he threatens to veto an extension of the Patriot Act. That's opportunistic, not patriotic! (But what do you expect from a cowardly draft dodger!)

Then Bush, Cheney and the rest of the attack dogs go after John Murtha for suggesting that we use our troops to train the Iraqi forces so we can bring our men and women home with honor. What do the Republicans say?

They say that our troops are unable to do the job. They undercut their abilities and doubt their abilities. Talk about disrespecting our troops.

Now today, the Bush administration flip-flops on this issue and appears to be embracing Murtha's proposal. The AP is reporting, Rumsfeld Hints at Cutting Forces in Iraq.

This is amazing! Does the GOP stand for anything? Does President Bush simply look at polls when making major decisions? He is as poor a president as Ronald Reagan, one of this country's worst chief executives and another draft dodger.

Republicans make this country weak and soft. We need Democrats in positions of leadership if we are to be strong again.

Mark said...


I have to say that I sincerely feel bad for Tommy, The Patriot, and the other Kool-Aid Republicans who must feel so emasculated by Rumfeld's announcement today.

This morning, Rumfeld announced that the Bush administration now supports an immediate reduction in troop levels in Iraq. This policy reversal now brings the Bush administration in line with the suggestion made by Congressman John Murtha a few weeks ago.

This weakness in leadership by President Bush and his fellow Republicans is just a trend in recent weeks.

Bush supported torture, while John McCain and the Democrats opposed it. After the fight was done, Bush conceded and joined John McCain and the Democrats in opposing torture.

Bush wanted a blank check and ordered Congress to renew the Patriot Act. Democrats and four Republicans opposed an automatic renewal, but supported a temporary extension of three months so violations to civil liberties could be removed from the Act. Bush opposed this and said that he would veto any extension of the Patriot Act. (Bush putting politics over the safety of the nation. Isn't that how we got 9/11? How patriotic!)

Well, the Democrats won this one too, and the Congress will be passing a five week extension. Bush is expected to flip-flop again and with his tail between his legs and his balls in Laura's purse, President Bush will sign this bill.

Times are bad for Bush and the Republicans, which means that times are good for America. For once, Bill O'Reilly is right - it is a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Anonymous said...


You are totally clueless. Totally clueless. Murtha's strategy has been abandonded by the Democrats like Steny Hoyer and others.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Bush did not support tortute. Some in the administration did but the President prevailed and sided with McCAin's legislation.

Joe said...

Who the hell is the Patriot? Some Right Wing hack who jerks off to Fox News?

Mark said...

Here we go with the right-wingers trying to rewrite history. Bush supported torture, and if you took the time to read the link I provided, you would know that. I know that you right-wingers feel bad that you're on the wrong side of history, but that doesn't give you the right to rewrite history.

Bush has endangered our troops, and this is largely due to his blantant disrespect for the men and women in our military. We don't torture, so it won't be done on our troops. But Bush's approach is, "Who cares about our troops!" Come on ... this is your guy ladies ... you must be so proud!

But don't get lost on Bush's pro-torture position and the flip-flop. The real flip-flop here is Bush's call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Two battalions in early spring is an immediate withdrawal.

Excuse me, but I am laughing while I type. This is so sad. Do Republicans know anything about leadership? Between the torture issue and the Patriot Act and now the immediate withdrawal from Iraq, this president and his party are so sad.

While I laugh, I am sad. America is strongest when we have two strong parties serving the nation. The fact that the Republicans are so weak may bring some satisfaction to Democrats, but in the end, it is bad for the country.

Come on Republicans! Pull your heads out of your asses and get it together. You're letting this country down. Don't let another 9/11 happen. We excused Bush the first time he let it happen, but the American public won't give him a second chance.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read The Patriot's blog. It is ridiculous! For a good laugh, go to

This guy's a real crazy!

The Patriot said...

Thanks for the free pub, man. Maybe all you leftists can be educated about the real world on my site.

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