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Monday, February 18, 2008

Deception, Distortion and Dishonesty: The Clinton Way

Today's sorry drama of "plagiarism" by Barack Obama reminded me of why I so disdain the Clinton family and why the Democratic Party has had a certain moral bankruptcy over the past several years. For the Clinton's winning, even at the expense of the party whom they have used as a vehicle to power or at the expense of the few causes they may truly find near and dear to their heart is the ultimate goal.

This is a family who as America's first family engaged in in a ruthless battle to the death with their political opponents, and so polluted the air in Washington that the politics of personal destruction became the way of the capitol. Barack Obama, promising a new politics not only threatens the Clinton's personal survival, but the survival of the culture of petty partisanship and shouting that the Clinton's fostered and their cronies have profited from. As someone involved in Democratic Party politics during the Clinton years, the stew that was brewed by the Clinton machine was so distasteful to someone like myself who puts values and issues above personality and petty hatred. Thus, while I am Democrat to my core I don't involve myself in partisan activities any longer.

The Clinton's violated the most basic Campaign Finance laws in the 1996 re-election campaign. These laws were meant to protect American citizens from a large and corrupt government and stop the potential sabotage of American policy by foreign governments or foreign interests. While I do not believe President Bill Clinton compromised American security with his illegal fund raising he certainly allowed access to the White House for arms dealers and in the case of James Riady and the Lippo Group, may have been close to giving the Chinese Intelligence service unfathomable access to American officials. Clinton did not want to help the Chinese. He wanted to help himself raise money: once again the Clinton's ambition to raise money and keep power met national security head on and the power of ambition won. In other words, we as Americans should be thankful Riady, Charlie Trie, and John Huang among others were caught before national security was in fact compromised.

Hillary Clinton's campaign operatives have accused Barack Obama or potentially having a problem of stealing others words. In a future post I will explore Mrs. Clinton's own record on this issue, including passages from her book "It Takes a Village." But even if Obama does steal words from others, stealing words is a lot less dangerous than potentially compromising national security. If a Clinton restoration was to occur, and times got tough, and Senator Clinton like her husband had such a poor first eighteen months in office that the GOP swept Congress like it did in 1994, would the same temptation occur for Mrs. Clinton to raise illegal money from foreign sources who are enemies of the United States as her husband did. Why should we take the chance? Why should we as Democrats allow our party to be prostituted for the gain of a single power hungry family? Why should we as Democrats live in the gutter with the equally destructive and nasty Republicans when we have an opportunity to make a clean break with Barack Obama? Why should we aspire to race to the bottom when Obama can restore our national and partisan pride?

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EPLNFL said...

Why Hilary and Bill haven't realized that American's have figured out that Hilary's seeking higher is only for the good of the Clinton's and not the American public I don't know. Maybe they do know but just don't care. Or just can't change. The large number of former Clinton staffers who now work for Obama is due to the fact that those close to them know what they are really like.

While, I'm 100% behind Obama, I do have my doubts on the lack of experience and specific agenda. However, the Clinton's or McCain can not give the American public what they want a new way of doing business in Washington. A Clinton election only tuns the clock back 8 years doesn't bring us into the future.

Another fundamental issue not understood by either Clinton or McCain is the war. American's of a all political sides know that the American presence in Iraq is harmfully to this country as well as those our government claim they wish to help. American voter's will not elect a President who has any position but to end the war, yesterday.

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