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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Marlins 8:00 pm update: Barry Zito in play for the Fish?

No deal has been completed yet with the Orioles. A reliable source tells Kartik's World that the hangup is whether the Orioles will part with AAA prospect Hayden Penn who the Marlins want rather than Sidney Ponson whose salary (and bad behavior no doubt) the Orioles are trying to dump on the Marlins. The same source indicates that the Marlins are ready to ship Penn and perhaps Juan Encarnacion to Oakland for ace pitcher Barry Zito before the July 31st trading deadline.

The source tells Kartik's World that A.J. Burnett will without question be traded within the next 48 hours. If Mike Lowell is not dealt to either Baltimore or Pittsburgh, chances are the Marlins will be forced to keep him and then may need to move Juan Encarnacion's salary before the dealine. Keep checking this site for frequent updates.

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Joe said...

If the Marlins are really having a fire sale, then how can Zito be in play? Maybe the Fish are just going to take his salary for the remainder of the season and hope they can get back in the pennent race. If they fail to make the playoffs, they will dump Zito and his salary? Maybe this is scenario being laid out but it makes little sense to me. Perhaps your "source" is just trying to make the Marlins look like they are not having a fire sale to fool all of us? That's where my money is- why would they dump Burnett to get Zito? The salaries for 2006 will be about the same so it makes no sense.

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