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Monday, June 13, 2005

Randon Thoughts

  • The US Men's Under 20 Soccer team shocked Argentina on Saturday. It lloks like the world's game will be America's game also soon if the results keep up.
  • Katherine Harris' decision to seek the United States Senate seat currently held by Senator Bill Nelson has peaked Democrats interest in the race. I however, do not think Harris is as weak as the Democrats believe she is. Harris comes from one of the most politically connected families in the History of the state and unlike many of her family members can appeal to an urban audience with greater ease than Bill Nelson can.
  • The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner this weekend was as usual very much a pep rally for a team that that has had about as much success as the Tampa Bay Bucs of the Sam Wyche era. We heard how terrible the GOP was, and how the Democrats can do better. The governor's candidates all had great moments, with Rod Smith giving in my opinion the best speech, but in the interest of full disclosure I am working for his campaign and will give commentary on his opponents instead. Scott Maddox has always the best organized and most understandable speech even if the content is a little light, and Jim Davis is playing on themes that Democrats normally do not talk about, but need to start playing more often. Davis' unfortunately seems to be a flawed messenger for these ideas, but hey it's early. Remember Bill McBride bombed at 2001 J-J and became the nominee a year later nonetheless.
  • The Marlins relief pitching is getting worse by the day. It is obvious Guilermo Mota is not the set up man he was for the Dodgers. (Heck, he had Eric Gagne closing). With Danny Graves and former Marlin Ugeth Urbina now off the market and joining NL East rivals, the Fish better get this figured out quickly.
  • I am not watching the NBA Finals, nor do I care. Call me a sore loser, but I'm still upset about the Heat losing. I learned this morning the Spurs lead the series 2-0. Good for them. After visiting San Antonio last November, I realize the town has nothing else, so I'm glad for the residents there that they at least have a Championship Basketball team. San Antonio stands in direct contrast to Austin, 70 miles away which has a bit of everything and is truly one of my favorite towns i've visited anywhere in the world.


jk said...

The Marlins very badly need to make a deal for a set up man. The hitting will come around eventually- Mike Lowell has already snapped out of his slump, and LoDuca is looking better as well. With Easley, Connine, dillon and Treanor on the bench I still love our team except for the bullpen.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Marlins should unload payroll and spend the savings on a new stadium!!!!!!

Lou said...

I've never heard of the Harris family and don't understand why you claim they are so important in our state.

egcanes said...

Lou -- Kartik should have mentioned that the Harris family name graces the University of Florida football stadium in the form of their relative Ben Hill Griffin. They don't call it the Swamp for nothin. As if we needed another reason to hate the pathetic and pitiful Gators...

Lou said...

Who is Ben Hill Griffin? Not that I care. He's probably yet another reactionary conservative those of you who patron this site is so fond of.

Anonymous said...

Lou you're an idoit.

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