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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Open Day Four

What a nice victory for Michael Campbell, who has been one of the better players on the European Tour the last few years, but who prior to today was best known for his final round collapse during the 1995 British Open at St Andrews which was won by John Daly. Hats off to Campbell, a big win for the entire nation of New Zealand and especially his aboriginal tribe, the Maori's. Campbell has always been someone talked about within the Golf Wold with loads of potential and little focus. What we witnessed on the Back 9 however, was a golfer totally focused and hitting some of the best shots in the final round of US Open in recent years.

Retief Goosen's steady demeanor did not stop him from getting into lots of trouble early. Goosen joined Ernie Els and Vijay Singh as other Top 5 worldwide players who have blown up in the Final Round of the Last 3 Us Opens. Goosen shot an 81, the exact same score Singh shot two years ago when in the final group, and Els did last year when in the final group. It's shocking that the players you expect a collapse from least fall the hardest. But this of course isn't the Wannado City Classic, it's the US Open, so if one thing goes wrong, you're whole day can collapse.

Tiger Woods played some wonderful golf today but his putter let him down yet again. Tiger put himself in position to win the Championship but made some poor decisions down the stretch to finish a commendable 2nd. Quite an open it was and a great win for Michael Campbell who is finally reaching the heights long expected of him.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Tiger did not pull it out: it looked good there for a while!

Joe said...

It is amazing how well both woods and singh played tee to green: easily the two best players in the field; It is equally remarkable how the world's two top ranked players could be such poor clutch putters, the two worst putters of anybody in contention the last two days.

Anonymous said...

Michael Campbell wins. KIWI MAGIC FOREVER! Boy, do I love Down under and the kiwis.

Jill said...

I'm glad Tiger lost. He is once again getting smug and arrogant just like he was a few years ago. I don't agree with Kartik that he is merely an above average golfer, but he clearly is not at the top of his game anymore.

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