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Monday, June 20, 2005

Coming this week: The case against Iran

The new anti-war Left likes to think of Iran, Iraq and Syria all as the same places where America doesn't belong. This week we will delve into why the United States must reign Iran in sooner rather than later.

Also this week Why Jeb and George W. are making a mistake regarding Katherine Harris

Over on Florida College Sports, an ACC Preview Thursday June 23rd.

Have a great week and check back here often for new content!


Joe said...

When are you doing an SEC preview?

Lou said...

I am sure all the right wingers on this site support what the Hillsboro County Commission has done to legalize discrimination in that county. We are organizing massive protests statewide to protect civil and human rights.

Jill said...

Whenare you doing a Gator preview?

Anonymous said...

Lou, you are one angry guy. Unfortunately, you are part of this new breed of Democrat that allows your anger to cloud your judgement and prevent you from making reasonable, winning arguments.

As a somewhat conservative Democrat, I applaud Commissioner Castor for her brave choice and find the votes by the other six members dispicable. Barry Goldwater, a true conservative, supported abortion rights and gay rights, not because he supported any particular lifestyle or choice, but because he felt it was dangerous for government to dictate moral values. It's sad how the religious right and Republican Party have abandoned their principles and are now the party of big government. They used to oppose social programming, now they endorse it.

Lou, I believe that your heart is in the right place, but your head isn't following. Make persuasive arguments, not simply angry emotional ones. Too many Americans are anti-gay and if you keep it up, they always will be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post. I support equal rights but also believe that Government should not be in the business of promoting multiculturalism as that creates a Balkanization of our nation. Perhaps part of the goal is to Balkanize the Democratic Party since all of these "weeks" and "months" are sponsored by major corporations that have a vested interest in Republicans governing?

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