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Friday, May 20, 2005

Randon Thoughts for May 20th

  • What I have been hearing for several days regarding Bob Butterworth's possible return to elective politics, has now been reported by Adam Smith of the St Petersburg Times. Butterworth is looking at possibly running for Attorney General next year.
  • Mark Stein of projects that UF's Anthony Roberson will not be selected in next month's NBA Draft. I'm disappointed that Roberson has gotten bad advice to enter the draft and hope he will return to school and play his senior season for the Gators.
  • The Ricky Williams watch is on. As I have said before, I would welcome him back and it may actually get me to take some interest in the Dolphins! (likely not, though.)
  • I've continued to read Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton last night, and found his most complex relationship wasn't with Aaron Burr or Thomas Jefferson. It was with James Madison, and together they collaborated on the federalist papers, the most brilliant and significant piece of propaganda and political theory in the history of our nation.
  • The Heat plays Detroit in game one on Monday night at the American Airlines Arena in Downtown. Will Shaq play? That's the ten million dollar question- stay tuned to this site for updates on the Heat/Pistons matchup all weekend long.

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