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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Heat win Game 2

Well, Dwayne Wade figured Tayshaun Prince, contrary to my prediction of last week. Wade went for 40, and carried the hobbling Heat on his back in the 4th Quarter.

Some observations:

  • If the Heat is going to stay in this series, Damon Jones needs to continue to contribute.
  • Stan Van Gundy called Christian Laettner out in the media for poor defense in gameone. Laettner responded by bodying up Rasheed Wallace and denying him easy put backs in his extensive second half playing time.
  • Udonis Haslem looks like he is really ailing. Perhaps he should sit in Game 3, and allow his finger to heal.
  • Shaq isn't Shaq right now. But we need him on the court. Ben Wallace didn't look like himself either last night for that matter.
  • This is Alonzo's team and these are Alonzo's fans. As much as DWade and Shaq are the teams stars now, South Florida will always be Zo's home and Zoville.


Jeff said...

The Heat really stepped up last night in a tough situation. Wade had one off night, but I expect him to be playing at this level for the rest of the series. The Heat will win the series in 6.

Anonymous said...

Wade was more willing to attack the basket last night. He settled for too many long range jump shots in the first game. GO HEAT!!!!

Kartik said...

Guys, we're far from out of the woods. It was good to get a win at home last night and to do it the way we did, with a 4th Quarter rally. However, we still need to solve the problem of allowing Detroit too many easy put backs and rebounds.

Gregg said...

Wade was just simply outstanding in the 4th qtr last night. With Shaq & Zo in the middle the Heat are really dominating the Pistons inside. Unfortunately, with Shaq slowed by injury he's faded in the 2nd half of the first two games.

Anonymous said...

Look out for an angry Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace in Game 3. The Pistons win Game 3, and the Heat better hope Shaq gets healthy enough to at least push the series to 6.

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