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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

South Florida Expressways Never Built: Part I

In the 1960s, Broward County was growing rapidly a bedroom community to already congested and urban Dade County, Florida's only true Metro area at the time. Dade County also was facing a huge traffic crisis. Interstate 95 began being built through the area in 1958 with the portion from SR 84 southward to the current I-195 (which was routed as I-95 for a time) being worked on. In 1962 the Palmetto Bypass was opened. At the time the road now known as the Palmetto Expressway was a rural beltway the circled Miami. The state had incredible foresight to build this road. The completion of the Palmetto Expressway and I-95 through Dade and portions of Broward led planners to propose many new roads. Some like SR 836/Dolphin Expressway, and SR 874 now known as the Don Shula Expressway got built in the 1960s and 1970s. However many more were never built and could have been useful in this day and age of congestion.

Included in the never built roads we will feature in the near future on this site are:

  • The proposed Miami Beach to West Dade, Hialeah Expressway
  • The original proposal for the University Freeway which was later rerouted and scaled back as the Sawgrass Expressway
  • The Sheridan Expressway
  • The Snake Creek Expressway
  • Le June Expressway
  • Rock Island Exrpessway
  • Interama Expressway
  • Miami International Airport Spur (to run along 20th or 14th street NW)
  • Cypress Creek Freeway
If anyone has memories at all about these expressways that were never built and the political battles that surrounded them please email me at
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