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Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's the Matter With Kansas? Clinton Elites Think Kansas Doesn't Matter

While the continued drumbeat from the Clinton campaign about Senator Barack Obama's "elitism" is mildly amusing, It is in fact Senator Clinton and her husband who continued the long descent of the Democratic Party away from the ideals and values of Middle America. Thomas Frank's 2004 bestseller discussed the Democratic Party's bi-coastal elitism and its complete disconnect from middle America. That process has been completed in the 2008 fight for the Democratic nomination by Senator Hillary Clinton, whose campaign has indicated the only criteria important for determining who would be a stronger Democratic nominee is how the candidates perform in states which the Democrats have carried in the last four Presidential elections. How candidates perform in states the Democrats will need to pick up to create a clear national majority does not matter to the Clinton elites. States like Colorado, Virginia, Missouri and yes Kansas that have been trending Democratic lately are unimportant. States in the midwest that have been trending Republican like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are too unimportant. Each of these seven states were carried by Barack Obama in the primaries and they represent perhaps the most important set of states in the 2008 General Election. The only states that matter are states which Senator Clinton carried, where independents and moderate Republicans will likely stay in the GOP fold because of the reputation of John McCain as a maverick.

A recent poll in the Indianapolis Star showed that Barack Obama, despite trailing in the Democratic Primary is in a much stronger position to win moderate Republican votes in the fall than is the uniquely polarizing Senator Clinton. Add to this the recent irresponsible, cowboy rhetoric by Senator Clinton with regards to use of nuclear weapons and the US military and you realize Republicans disaffected by George W. Bush's war policies may find a more reasonable, statesmanlike and sane alternative in Senator McCain should Senator Clinton steal the Democratic nomination.

But electoral math and logic does not matter to the Clinton team. They are determined to win the nomination regardless of the long term negative impact it creates for the Democratic Party of for Progressive Liberalism. They are even willing to lose a Presidential election for the Democratic Party in order to stay in power.


Anonymous said...

The Clinton's clearly have only their own interest in mind and what happens to the Democratic Party has little or no impact on them. In fact the recent strategy of the campaign has been to obtain the votes of Republican voters who will not be supporting either Clinton or Obama in the fall election. They will win at all costs.

The overall question that you present is why the Democrats have lost middle America in the past few elections. To be honest while the Clinton's are an elite, Obama also is. Obama has had vast support from higher educated voters due to his ability to relate to those voters due to his education level. The Clinton's put on more of a front to appeal to the middle American voters. It is a false front to obtain votes, no real commitment. Obama tries to rationalize with them. That in part explains his attraction to younger and independent voters in the so called red states. Voters who have been forgotten in past years.

Obama's recent comments in San Fransisco clearly could have been better spoken. What he did express however was the view of many city voters that the Republican party has sold the middle American voters a false bill of goods. The Republican's have economic policies that only serve the rich and they deflect the reality of this by blaming other sources and groups rather then their policy.


Ken said...

Today, Monday(04-28-08),there is an AP poll the shows Hillary can win the whole thing. I'm quite surprised. Are people telling pollsters the truth ?? Are they polling Republicans who really want Hillary as the candidate ? This can't make Wexler happy.
I was at Irv's house yesterday for a party. Many thought there would be an announcement,but sometimes a part is just a party. There is still 5 days to file for congress, we can just keep guessing. Keith, Lawernce, and Klassy all say hi.
I really need to communicate with you. There is some information about our friends in Tallahassee and Tampa that you never gave me. Just need some names and contact information. If I could solve this problem under the radar it would save the hassle of going through the State Attorney's office. I do not want to get these guys in major trouble but their has been a lack of cooperation from North Florida. You might want to know that your name showed up on one of these corporations. You probably did not know that. Please get in touch with me. You can call or e-mail, but I do plan to proceed this week. Thanks, Ken

Ken said...

Sent you a note on 04-26-08 at this site. Could you please respond ? I still need the information...Ken

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