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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Disgraceful Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton

Bill Clinton, the only President of the 20th Century to be impeached has demonstrated his unethical, selfish mentality again in the past several weeks. As someone on the left side of the political spectrum whose political activism and involvement spanned the entire Presidency of Clinton, I have come to despise the man.

Bill Clinton's Presidency was average by most standards. The economy was strong, but the reality is Clinton despite his extensive knowledge of the world failed on many international fronts. He was late reacting to the crisis in the Balkans and made several mistakes in the Middle East and Central Asia. In addition, he was impeached and whether or not you agreed with his impeachment, President Clinton's reckless and immoral behavior is what gave Tom DeLay and GOP led House the opportunity to impeach a President whose other scandals included illegal campaign fund raising, the Whitewater land deal, the firing of the staff in the White House travel office, three independent counsels appointed to investigate cabinet members among others. It was Bill Clinton's behavior and scandals that gave George W. Bush the opportunity to claim Florida's electoral votes and the Presidency in 2000 over Al Gore.

Yet today's Democrats view President Clinton with the same reverence those of the New Deal generation viewed FDR. Why? Our nation has become polarized politically in the same fashion the Federalists and Republicans fought in the 1790s and much of that owes itself to Clinton's personal and public behavior. Now Clinton's sense of entitlement and selfishness is allowing the man to engage in behavior totally unbecoming of a former President.

When President Clinton attacks Barack Obama or John Edwards for their lack of experience he ignores his own shortcomings and forgets that so many Democrats walked the plank for him- both in Congress and throughout the nation while he was engaging in illegal and immoral behavior. Now Clinton in an effort to continue his own spell over the Democratic Party is pushing his equally selfish and polarizing wife on the party's nominating process. It is after all the Clinton's whose reckless behavior created the current climate where the politics of personal destruction trumps issues and good public policy.

Shame on Former President Bill Clinton and all the Democrats whose psychopathic loyalty to him encourages his reckless and selfish behavior.

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