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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tiger Woods still hasn't grown up

For the last several months we've been told that we must feel sorry for Tiger Woods because his father passed away. Well I officially stopped feeling sorry for Tiger Woods last night when I read that after a year he is still angry at comments Nick Faldo (who is a commentator for ABC) made about Woods swing at last year's Buick open. Woods and Faldo have been paired together for the first two rounds of this year's British Open in Liverpool. Either this is a cruel joke by the R&A, or a mere coincidence.

Woods stated that he will not speak to Faldo during the round and indicated his continued anger at Faldo's comments. After all it's such a pity when a paid commentator actually adds commentary to a broadcast! Tiger Woods is one the least likeable professional athletes around specifically for behavior like this. Woods continues to turn a cold shoulder to anyone anywhere who dare criticize him, even those who are paid by TV networks to do so. Last year tour PGA Tour pro Tom Pernice Jr. stated that the vast majority of golfers pulled for Vijay Singh when he was matched head to head with Tiger Woods ( at the time Singh and Woods were in an epic battle for the world #1 ranking......since Woods has recaptured #1 and Singh has falled to #3), simply because Singh was a heck of a lot more likeable. If Tiger's peers cannot stand him, why should we?

Woods has won two British Open, but both were in Scotland and on Thursday and Friday he'll be golfing in Nick Faldo's home territory. He better watch out, otherwise his missed cut streak in majors will reach two in a row.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Still hasn't grown up? How did you like his 67 when compared with Faldo's 77 today?

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