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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Does John Gibson hate America?????

A few years ago I turned on MSNBC in the middle of the day and stumbled upon a dogmatic arrogant commentator I had never seen before attacking President Clinton. This commentator John Gibson, is one of the many faces of TV "News" that rose to prominence in the early days of cable news channels. Gibson had never appeared on any show of merit, say a Meet the Press or NewsHour with Jim Leher, yet he seemed to take his opinion and assumptions about the President so very seriously.

MSNBC as always had a short shelf life for its hosts not named Chris Matthews and Gibson smartly moved to Fox News where he is obviously very comfortable. In 2003 as the US prepared for War in Iraq, Gibson released a book entitled, "Hating America, the New World Sport." For those who are fans of this particular blog site, you'll know Soccer is the world's sport, and for some reason most Americans are contemptous beyond reason about the beautiful game. As we'll examine deeper in my World Cup Preview next week, America's lack of interest in the world game further isolates American thinking and the American psyche from that of the rest of the planet. But, I digress since today we are discussing John Gibson, a frequent nominee for worst person of the world by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. (Gibson trails only his colleague and ideological comrade in arms Bill O'Reilly in nominations for this daily award.)

Gibson's book basically attacked all nations on the European Continent and went on to blame the American media, Democratic Party and Secularists (a code word for Jewish-Americans) for all of America's trouble. Since 2003, Gibson has made repeated attacks on all of these groups, as well as on any person who dares to disagree with the notion that Christianity is tantamount to an official state religion in this country. Moreover, he has shown his disregard for the practice of objective journalism with almost daily attacks on the BBC for "anti-Americanism.", considered by many around the globe to be the premier source of objective television news and reporting.

Here are some of John Gibson's most notable and offensive statements:

(content and links from

When London was chosen to host the 2012 Olympics, Gibson said that he regretted that Paris had not been chosen because it would have subjected that city to the threat of terrorism. [6] He also has stated that no one would care if France was a victim of a terrorist attack. [7]

On the July 12, 2005, edition of Fox news The Big Story, host John Gibson said that
White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove should be given "a medal" for outing covert CIA operative Valerie Plame, adding that Plame "should have been outed by somebody." [8]

In his book The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought, Gibson wrote, "The wagers of this war on Christmas are a cabal of secularists, so-called humanists, trial lawyers, cultural relativists, and liberal, guilt-wracked Christians—not just Jewish people."

On the January 19, 2006, edition of Fox News's The Big Story, after the release of a tape by terrorist
Osama Bin Laden, Gibson stated, "(Bin Laden) is talking to America's far left and saying, 'You know what. We're on the same side. So why don't you work on that hardhead George W. Bush? Bin Laden told us Thursday that our far left has been working for him. It's their poll results he quotes.'" [10]

In his defense of
Ambassador John Bolton and repudiation of the United Nations and the Third World, referring to the Third World - "That latter group includes a huge number of so-called nations, little more than spots on the map that would get invaded, taken over, subsumed, eliminated, except no-one wants to get stuck with their problems of poverty and disease and corruption."[11]

On the May 10, 2006, edition of Fox New's The Big Story, after the release of a letter from Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to U.S. President George W. Bush, Gibson compared the letter from the Iranian President to talking points and positions by democrats. Gibson said, "Terry McAuliffe and the other Democrats should pay close attention to their talking points these days. That nut job running Iran, President -- let's see if I can pronounce it -- Ahmadinejad, sent President Bush a letter, and if it weren't postmarked Tehran, it might have been mistaken for a crank letter from an angry leftist in L.A. or Boulder or Cambridge, Massachusetts. Christians are not acting like Christians, says the Iranian president. Democrat talking point. WMD lies, says the Iranian president. Democrat talking point. Human-rights abuses in Gitmo. Another Democrat talking point. The gap between haves and have-nots. The Iranian president and the Dems in lockstep on that one, too." [12] The letter in question actually denounces "Western liberalism".

For all of these comments, Gibson's most recent flap takes the cake. On the May 11th edition of his Fox News Channel show Gibson called upon his viewers of European decent to have more children. Gibson cited a number of news sources who had indicated that the Hispanic birth rate was higher than that of any other group in America, and that African-Americans were also producing more children than the group he called "whites". Making an appeal for a continuation of the American way, mom and apple pie, Gibson said this could only be done if European Americans made career sacrifices and bought into the greater good of salvaging what he considers American civilization by having more children even if it meant financial distress. If this wasn't done Gibson indicated America would beoverrunn by Hispanics and Arab Terrorists.

Is it possible since Gibson is so anxious to attack every American ally and seemingly every advocacy group in the USA outside of the White House and Christian Right, that it is he that really hates America and everything the American nation stands for? Perhaps Gibson, is in fact an advocate for a suspension of civil liberties and democracy and would like to install a Theocracy? Perhaps Gibson's rhetoric about the American way and saving American civilization was merely a defense mechanism to hide the fact that he in fact hates what America is because of the liberal forces he rails against. Or maybe he is just a provocative failed news anchor who is trying to get attention in order to stay on the air????? Either way, he's not worth watching or paying attention to any longer.

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Gator Mike said...

Are you kidding????? Gibson said that? What a f'n racist a$%h@le!

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