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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Indian paper supports Iran

I respond in a letter to the editor: India is working with the US in support of stripping Iran of Nuclear weapons capability. The Hindu, one of India's largest Dailies supports the Iranian position.

I am perplexed by the Hindu’s continuing editorial policy in support of the despotic, Islamic theocracy in Tehran and against the international consensus that a nation with the treacherous leadership of Iran, a nation that saber rattles and spreads religious revolution by force to its neighbors and denies its people the most basic human rights should be stripped of nuclear weapons. In my opinion, the current American administration has engaged in a policy of appeasement towards Iran, which has allowed Tehran to strengthen its unsettling regional hegemony over the past five years. George W. Bush’s inability to deal with the real crisis regarding Iran because he and his administration manufactured a crisis with the secular regime of Saddam Hussein is laughable. Eight years ago, your paper described a US “blockade” against Iran, when in point of fact none existed. If only American policy were as aggressive as your paper implies, perhaps we would have avoided the inevitable showdown that Tehran and its Mullah dominated leadership is so intent on creating with the international community of law abiding nations.

Kartik Krishnaiyer

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Mark said...

We face a horrible situation with Iran, and America needs to approach this dilemma with honesty. We must acknowledge that the strategy of appeasement employed by President Bush and the Republicans in DC is no longer acceptable. American needs to be strong against Iran, and Bush's weakness cannot be an option.

Just like with North Korea, Bush has run away from making the difficult decisions, and like Reagan before him, Bush is scared of the real challenges that this country faces. (Remember Reagan cowered in the face of terrorism when our Marines were murdered in Beirut.)

Bush needs to realize that America is the country of the red, white and blue, not the yellow, and we need to stop Iran dead in its tracks.

Unfortunately, America is not catching on. Those who watch the news, and even those who watch FOX, are not yet fully aware of the threat posed by Iran. Remember the Bush administration's phony spin about a mushroom cloud? Well now it is actually a possibility.

Now is the time for America to be strong. We do not need politicians like Bush and Reagan who lack the courage to lead. We need real men and women of courage in the mold of FDR, Truman and Kennedy who will put America's interests first and lead with strength.

Anonymous said...

Kartik, are you mad? George Bush has created ashowdown over Iran because he's been a tough leader on the situation and stopped the policy of punting that Clinton and Bush I employed towards the area. Thanks to James Baker and Lawrence Eagleburger, who were more pro-Arab than pro-Israel, the first Bush administration kept Saddam Hussien in power and allowed Iran to strengthen in the region. Then came Clinton who supported Iranian backed terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Paul Wolfowitz among others who was marginalized in the first Bush administration because of its pro-Arab tilt thanks to Baker, a close friend of the Saudis had helped shape a new US policy that looks at our only friend in the region, the only Democracy the only westernized nation in Israel and builds a policy that helps Israel at the same time as helping the Arab people escape the opression brought on them by American policy that put oil above our national interest.

I have read that India, who has been through the years a hostile state to the US, and is a dominant power economically and militarily in its region is working closely with us to put diplomatic pressure on Iran.

This Bush Presidency has broadened America's strategic alliances and worked to end the globe's most pressing problems even if elites like yourslef just criticize and critize.

Patriot said...

Appeasment? We're building a grand coalition against Iran that will disarm them one way or another. Iran's strength which was built over 8 years of inaction by President Clinton can not be undone over night.

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