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Friday, December 02, 2005

O'Reilly blacklists, St Pete Times and MSNBC as far left propoganda outlets.

Former scandal mongering Inside Edition host Bill O'Reilly who has reinvented himself as a conservative political hack for Fox News has blacklisted the St Pete Times and placed them on his "enemies list" ala J. Edgar Hoover, for "regularly helping to distribute misinformation supplied by the far left." O'Reilly ever the watchdog of the liberal media also placed MSNBC thanks to Keith Olbermann, one of the few truth tellers about Bill O'Reilly around today (along with Al Franken, and Ariana Huffington who keeps a running tab of O'Reilly's mistatements on her website on the blacklist.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of what conspiracy you are on to now, O'Reilly is fairly non-partisan. His "no spin zone" attacks Republicans and Democrats. He is not a political hack as you state.

Anonymous said...

Give it up already. O'Reilly is a good man whom the liberals just love to bash.

Mark said...

Republicans need to lay off the cry-baby routine about the liberal media. You guys have looked stupid crying over that one for years.

The so-called liberal media complaint was started by the original GOP wimp, Ronald Reagan. Reagan, who was not a real man but played one in the movies, got his feeling hurt during the 80s because the media reported on the criminal activity in his administration. (Reagan's administration had the most criminal indictments since Nixon. Bunch of crooks!)

No one takes the liberal media accusation seriously anymore, and more people are starting to realize that if the corporate-run media has any bias, it is actually to the right.

My advice to the cry-baby Republicans like O'Reilly: Take your balls out of your purse and be a man! Give it a rest!

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