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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Murtha calls for withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) a conservative, pro-defense Democrat who is well respected on both sides of the aisle has called on the Pentagon to withdraw US troops from Iraq within the next 6 months. The Pentagon, the Vice President and President are sure to blast Murtha's proposal, but Murtha who is one of the most decorated veterans in the Congress has impeccable credentials to make such a request. The Congressman recently traveled to Iraq and did not like what he saw on the ground. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


Orlando Democrat said...

I worked with Murtha on the Hill (Armed Services Cmte). Nobody loves this nation more than he must have been very difficult for him to do this because he always supports the military and men and women in uniform.

His statement may change the whole debate on Iraq. Democrats and Republicans alike both look to Murtha for leadership on military and defense issues. Bush who himeslf is draft dodger is not going to have the credibility to refute what someone of Murtha's staure says. He's best not even addressing it and allowing the media to compare military service and resumes.

Anonymous said...

You left wing pinko pro arab commies. die in hell. If you hate america and love the left wing anti war crowd move to Cuba.

Joe said...

The above comment is by a typical right wing jerk getting his or her talking points from Fox News.

Mark said...

Question for the woman who posted as anonymous:

Have you served in the military?

And of course since the person is a Republican, I must follow-up with:

Why didn't you?

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