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Friday, September 02, 2005

Quick thoughts from California

  • I sit with disgust as I hear the commentators on both sides of the political spectrum and the continued emails exploiting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for political gain. I'll have more thoughts on this in the upcoming days.
  • California, I am finding is not what the elite National media would like you to believe- a microcosm of America and a laboratory for potential change. That microcosm and laboratory needs to be a state that looks more like America as a whole and that state is Florida.
  • Why is that College Football is bigger than the NFL here in California, back home in Florida and also in Texas, yet the elite Northeastern based National media insists on making College Football play second fiddle to the NFL, MLB, and yes even Hockey?
  • Mississippi and Louisiana are great places with resilient people whom we need to help rebuild. I hope in the aftermath of the storm we help Biloxi and Gulfport develop tourism based on their beaches beauty and potential and not on Casino Gambling. I hope the casinos in the area never reopen.
  • On my trip I have been reading more and more about the 1790s and I am beginning to really revise my opinion of Alexander Hamilton. He may have been the greatest visionary our nation ever had, even more so than Thomas Jefferson or Franklin Roosevelt.

1 comment:

egcanes said...

Um, Kartik. I think the California sun may be clouding your thoughts.

The Casinos need to reopen. But more importantly, I hope this tragedy sheds light on the LUDICROUS concept that the hotels could be on land while the actual gaming parlors needed to be on the bay. That is INSANE! I mean, am I the only one outraged? Why did they do it this way, so some asshole County Commissioner (probably Biloxi's version of Burt Aaronson) could go back to his God fearing constituents and say, "okay, your feet don't have to touch the same ground as the gambling -- the casino is 4 feet away on the water." Unbelievable.

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