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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Time for Cindy Sheehan to fade into the night

Thank you Cindy Sheehan for a job well done. You've brought attention that was deserved to the poor conduct of George Bush's war in Iraq and the growing causality rate.  However, the longer Sheehan’s allies hold court outside the Presidential Ranch in Crawford, Texas the more the anti-war movement looks trivial. Sheehan needs to ask her supporters to disperse and spend their time in their communities working on the grassroots level to affect a change in public attitude towards the war. Currently, the war is unpopular but is being propped up and justified by an elite media driven by corporate interests and frightened by the prospect of being labeled un-American by the patriot police of the right. Sheehan’s supporters need to disperse back into mainstream America and talk regularly about the war without the TV cameras and talking heads dissecting their every move. The stage has been set by Sheehan and bow its time to move on take the next step towards getting American troops out of Iraq.    


egcanes said...

You are wrong about this one. Her relevance continues. Take last week for example, when President Bush was cycling around Crawford with another one of his uber allies in drug use, Lance Armstrong. He didn't speak with her camp and it underscored the absurdity of his vacation. She's great and hopefully this crusade will catapult her to public office like others before her like Carolyn McCarthy of New York.

Kartik said...

I agree- I hope she considers running for office!

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