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Monday, July 18, 2005

Yankees benefit from GOP connections

Not only has George Steinbrenner raised money for Charlie Crist, but Al Leiter's relationships came in handy for the Yankees.

Earlier this week the Florida Marlins "assigned" Al Leiter a fancy term for waiving somebody. Leiter, the highest paid Marlin had among the highest ERA's of any Starting Pitcher in the National League. Marlins owner Jeffery Loria sought to cut ties with Leiter totally especially after his two inning outing last Sunday versus the Cubs at Dolphins/DHL Stadium and his unwillingness to listen to pitching coaches who wanted Leiter to stop pinching the strike zone.

Leiter and Former Mets buddy Tom Glavine attended last year's Republican convention and got friendly with Mayor Michael Bloomberg while pitching for the Mets. Now Bloomberg has intervened and urged the Yankees sign Leiter, which they have done. Leiter debuted as a Yankee last night (He had played for the Yankees in the late 1980s) and he shut down the Red Sox potent order.

Why did Leiter perform so poorly as a Marlin, showing an inability to pitch the ball over the plate? Was he just collecting a check and looking to move on? I have been an Al Leiter fan in the past but am highly disappointed by the events this season which have shown Leiter to be a self serving fraud.


Anonymous said...

You won't give up on the Evil Empire bit about the Yankees will you?

Lou said...

How much did Steinbrenner raise for Crist?

Anonymous said...

The Marlins are done. Put a fork in them. Too bad Mike Lowell had such a great game. They probably should not trade him. He'll come around soon.

Matt said...

Leiter is a loser. He will be exposed as a fraud in his next outing. Trust me, the guy was never that good.

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