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Thursday, June 30, 2005

What Islamic papers are saying about Iran's election

Clearly the Reagan/Bush policy of appeasement towards Iran has failed. Why didn't the President address this growing problem while giving the nation his spin on the growing quagmire in Iraq the other night?

Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei is right in saying that Ahmadinejad's election is a bitter pill for the US to swallow.
Pakistan's Jang
The newly-elected president of Iran... favours the Iranian nuclear programme, which frightens the US and the West. We hope the new president will advance his country towards the zenith of prosperity, but he should opt for a moderate course to achieve this.
Pakistan's Khabrain
The defeated candidates in Iran should acknowledge the election result and strengthen the new president's hand. In this way they can combat the US and Western designs.
Pakistan's Express
Iran has bewildered the international community... The United States thought that after it put Iraq in line, it only had to put in place the necessary conditions to ensure Iran went the same way. However, the problem for them is that by increasing political-military pressure on Iran, they risk losing Iraq because should there be an aggression against Iran, the possibility of an Iraqi Shia backlash is very likely.
Algeria's La Nouvelle Republique
With, Dr Ahmadinejad's victory, US expectations have collapsed... The new president is likely to face problems because the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution named [defeated candidate] Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani to head the order protection council, a very significant post which controls all the country's policies, particularly foreign policy. This will tie the hands of the new president in making decisions.
Egypt's Al-Akhbar
The Iranian election has provided a clear and forthright response to the numerous US proposals for the region.
Syria's Al-Thawrah
Following Ahmadinejad's victory, the conservatives have established their grip on state affairs, but this will subject their policies to a total test at the hands of the people via the forthcoming legislative elections.
Jordan's Al-Dustur
The US said it would use all possible means to overthrow the regime in Iran but answered the question about whether it would employ military power to achieve this by saying "We are not considering the use of land forces" at a time when moderates were, to a degree, influential in Iran. Now it is faced with an Iran where even the last traces of the moderates are being erased.
Turkey's Hurriyet
Now a new era is beginning in Iran. Together with this result, the idea that it is impossible for Iran to attain freedom through elections will become dominant. While casting their votes, the people have turned to the conservatives because of frustration with the reformists' failure to provide solutions.
Turkey's Cumhuriyet
Iran will support the resistance in Iraq. It will support Syria in the conflict between Syria and the US. And it will become an enemy to Turkey, which has good relations with the West.
Turkey's Vatan
We believe that the ideas of reform and civil rights in Iran will not die as a result of the election of the conservative president. It appears that the Iranian people indeed have their own ideas about democracy. The figure of Ahmadinejad represents the honour of the nation.
Indonesia's Suara Merdeka
The victory of Tehran Mayor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in defeating former President Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani is shocking, full of irony and has raised new questions... In response to US pressure, what Tehran needs to do is to improve political and economic cooperation with other powers, particularly Europe, Russia, China and India. Competition in the world has intensified and Iran must not be over-proud of its nationhood and sacrifice its economic interests.
Malaysia's Utusan Malaysia


John said...

I am of the belief that Iran is almost emerging as a regional hegomon in Central Asia. If that is the case the US has to use the same kid gloves with Iran that we use with China, Russia and India also regional bullies to a certain extent.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully the audit found no missing money and Maddox was cleared. We can all move on now.

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