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Friday, June 17, 2005

US Open Day Two: Boomer or Costas- whom do you prefer?

The first two days of the US Open telecast is split between ESPN where Chris Berman hosts the telecast, and NBC where the host is Bob Costas. While they are probably the two most recognizable figures in sports broadcasting today, they are also radically different.

ESPN's telecast led off today with Chris Berman saying he was paired in the booth on 18 with Roger "chocolate" Maltbie and Gary "Diet" Coke. Bob Costas led off NBC's telecast with what was essentially a literary verse about the pitfalls of playing Pinehurst #2. Berman unlike Costas actually has some knowledge of Golf it appears and Costas gives no real analysis except maybe for the line that the Marlins were unworthy World Series Champions because they did not win their division. Yes, the same Bob Costas who while calling the 1997 World Series continued to tell us that the Marlins had no business being in the Series while Cleveland the team the Marlins beat were worth because they won their division. What Costas failed to mention is when the MLB went to 3 divisions in 1995, the Indians moved and thus had they stayed in the AL East they would have finished 3rd in the division that season! Yes, the same Bob Costas who quit NBC's NBA telecasts saying it was an advertisement for the league, while he refused to ever criticize Bud Selig on the air or ask any critical questions of MLB officials in interviews. He must have really hated the 2003 Marlins since they not only did not win their division but they did not have nay real superstars, a crime in today's Baseball where winning a Home run title is considered more important than winning the Champonship.

Chris Berman's nickname act is getting old as well I will admit. However, at least unlike Costas he is not a hypocrite. I certainly hope Dick Ebersol keeps Costas off on NBC's Sunday Night NFL telecasts. If he is paired with the unbearable John Madden I will elect to listen to the radio broadcast or watch repeats of FSU and Miami games on Sunday Night instead of the NFL on NBC.

Goosen tied for the Lead; Woods and Singh in the hunt

Okay, so I officaly cursed Phil Mickelson by saying he may run away with the title. Retief Goosen goes for a remarkable third title in 5 opens this weekend. If he wins he deserves to be ranked among the great Championship golfers in recent memory. Goosen has a perfect game for the Open- he hits the ball staright and manages the course well- he doesn't leave himself 20 foot par putts very often. I think he is clearly the favorite going in the the weekend. Vijay Singh has had some meltdowns over the weekend the past two opens. Let's see if Singh can keep the ship steady and win his first Open. (He has previously won 3 majors, including last year';s PGA at Whistling Straights which was perhaps the neatest links course I've ever seen on American soil). Tiger Woods had a lousy day hitting the ball, but unlike Phil Mickelson he scrambled well and stayed in the hunt. He certainly has a chance this weekend. Lee Westwood who in the mid 1990s was dubbed the European Tiger Woods is playing well also. Westwood has never even come close to winning a major and his career seems to be in the "bust" category, but it will be nice to see him in contention this weekend. The last Brit to win the US Open- Tony Jacklin in 1970!


JK said...

Bob Costas is the premier voice in all of sports. If you are really a sports fan, which I know you are, I find it odd that you would not like Bob Costas. He understands sports and the beauty of the game better than anyone and is easy to listen to as well.

Gregg said...

I do get very annoyed that Bob Costas is such an old fashioned baseball purist. Bob, you must love the type of sport where a couple of teams can simply outspend other teams and buy a chance at the World Series. That's real pure!!

Joe said...

Costas is very annoying. I hate him.

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna be the new voices of the Fins? Tell me it's not going to be the Boogster and Jimmy Cefalo as I have heard. PLEASE NO!!! They're almost as bad as Moe Howard David.

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