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Monday, May 23, 2005

Heat-Pistons: open thread

Any thoughts on the game and what the Heat needs to do to get back in the series? This is a permananent open thread until the series end.


Anonymous said...

Wade better show up and play. What a disaster he was in game one. He made poor decisions and tried to take every shot down the stretch.

Anonymous said...

The Heat has a real problem with the Haslem-R Wallce matchup. Either they need to insert Shandon Anderson at the 4 and go small, or play Zo at the 4 and try and outsize and overpower Detorit inside. Either option is probably just a stopgap for what is looking like a mismatch.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Shaq is healthy. If he is 100% tonight the Heat will win. The Pistons really didn't stop him last year with the Lakers either. They let Shaq have his points and shut down the Lakers supporting cast. Damon Jones must step up tonight for the Heat as well.

Kartik said...

I'm not particularly hopeful about tonight. Here's hoping that the Heat can prove me wrong!

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